Industry Programs

      The SFODiveShow has a fantastic line-up of speakers, seminars, and events for our industry partners!  Area scuba instructors and training staff, retail store staff and service technicians are welcome. Registration is required. These events are closed to the general public.  See our class schedule below.  You don’t want to miss out! Please note that this day of seminars is still in development. Please check back often to see what has been added.

Friday April, 26

Friday seminars and workshops are not open to the public. This page is developing. Stay tuned for new additions to the schedule.


8:00am – 5:00pm

Great America Meeting Room 1


PSI-PCI Cylinder Inspection

By Bob Taylor, PSI-PCI

Visual Cylinder Inspector Program ( Click to Register & Pay Fee)

The PSI-PCI Visual Cylinder Inspection certification course teaches the regulations and fundamentals of conducting visual inspections of solid wall and composite SCUBA and SCBA cylinders. The full day course is suited for those new to visual inspection as well as those who have been inspecting without formal training through its wide range of inspection subjects including damage limits, neck cracking, and laws affecting inspectors.

Additionally, this course meets the OSHA and DOT requirements for employee HAZMAT training and students completing the course are qualified to conduct HAZMAT training for other cylinder handlers.

PSI-PCI, Inc. is regarded as the authority on Visual Cylinder Inspection our programs have been created by industry experts from many pertinent fields to provide a cohesive, informative certification program.

PSI-PCI offers the only training that is formally endorsed, referred to and utilized by cylinder manufacturers; and recognized by USDOT and Compressed Gas Association. You won’t find our level of professionalism, comprehensive support and consultation anywhere else! PSI-PCI is your Cylinder Safety Solution!



10:00am – 12noon

Great America Meeting Room 2


Selling Travel

By Cheryl Patterson, Deep Blue Adventures, Wholesale Travel Consultant
Cathryn Castle, C2G2Productions

Selling Dive & Adventure Travel (CLICK TO REGISTER)

Cheryl Patterson & Cathryn Castle will be joined by experts in adventure travel to discuss how to sell and promote scuba diving and adventure travel in your store. This is a must for retailers, store owners who already have or wish to expand their dive and adventure travel programs. Travel should not be a break even business. It should be a very profitable part of your business. It will drive your business success. Free to Register HERE



Great America Meeting Room 3


Regulator Repair Program

By Dive Rite Specialist

Regulator Repair Certification

For staff members at the regional stores. This program will include hands on work with full discussion of repair and service techniques of scuba regulators.

Register for this program HERE



Great America Meeting Room 3


Professional Instructor Development

Strategies for Success in the Dive Industry
Diving In: Strategies for Success in the Dive Industry
Whether you are working in a dive business, teaching independently or starting out your own, there’s more to going pro than simply passing an exam. This interactive discussion will provide practical real-world perspectives on what it takes to be successful in the industry. By attending, you will be better able to:
•      Understand the market trends and possibilities
•      Map out strategies for success
•      Avoid pitfalls and learn from others
•      Develop a system to track your progress and meet your goals

Register HERE



Great America Meeting Room 2


Selling Underwater Photography

By Amos Nachoum 

Selling Photography (CLICK TO REGISTER)

Documenting your scuba diving activity is a favorite pastime especially with social media today. Selling scuba divers a GoPro may be a good start but there are so many ways a scuba retailers can make money around underwater photography. Join a panel of experts as we discuss making this a prominent part of your business.

Register HERE  for this Free Seminar/Panel



Great America Meeting Room 2


Reef Check for Dive Professionals and Businesses

By Dania Trespalacios, Tropical Program Director

Reef Check for Dive Professionals and Businesses

Interested in protecting the ocean and becoming a citizen scientist? Learn about Reef Check’s business offers for the diving industry.

Register HERE  for this Free Seminar/Panel


12:00pm – 5:00pm

Santa Clara Convention Center Hall C

Exhibit Floor Set-Up

By Daniel Miller, Show Floor Manager

Exhibit Floor Set-Up

Actual set-Up time for all exhibitors will be from 12N-4PM Friday evening. Staging of your packages, booths containers, promotional materials and pipe, drape, table, waste basket and chair will start at 8AM (no actual set-up allowed until 12 Noon).



Avatar Hotel, Poolside

USDiveShows Host Social Hour

By Brian Miller, Show Producer


USDiveShows will host a Social hour at The Avatar Hotel, Poolside. Just down the street from the Convention Center. All Exhibitors and staff members who have pre-registered are welcome at this social gathering. CLICK REGISTRATION REQUIRED