Can Divers Save Sharks?

Join Shark Steward’s director and shark diver David McGuire on a talk and short film “Shark Sanctuary” on diving with sharks and solutions.
Diving with sharks is a growing business worldwide, with established operations found in at least 83 locations in 29 countries. One study estimates the global value of shark dive related tourism to be worth over 300 million USD/per year and projects the growth to double within 20 years.

However, many it is estimated that over 100 million sharks are killed every year, many for their fins to supply the shark fin soup trade Living sharks provide a direct—and renewable— economic benefit for local people. They also contribute to a healthy marine environment, which is paramount to Fiji’s long-term social, cultural, and financial well-being

Todat, 15 shark sanctuaries worldwide now provide more than 7.34 million square miles (19 million square kilometers) of ocean where commercial shark fishing is banned and these important predators creatures may begin to recover from past overexploitation.

Join David McGuire and learn how divers may possibly be the best advocates to save sharks.

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